Friday, August 19, 2005

Should the Government Come Clean About UFOs?

Is it important for our government to fully come clean on the subject of UFOs?

The real fact is that the answer is both yes and no. Here is what I think…

I answer No in that since we live in a Representative Republic (not a Democracy as may often misstate - which by the way, would be a horrible existence but is a topic for another time) We elect persons to ‘represent’ us and these persons appoint others and such to act on our behalf and in our best interest as they see it. If they truly look at the information and truly believe that it is in our best interest to act as they have, then I am fine with it. However, if they are acting as they are simply out of their own greed or some other such stupid reason then I have a real problem with that.

This brings us to my second answer, Yes it is important that our Government fully come clean about UFOs and here is why: It is a known fact that the government of the United States has been and may well still be, in the business of debunking UFO sightings. It has been admitted that the whole idea behind Project Blue Book was to explain away or belittle or besmirch UFO sightings and those that reported seeing UFOs. Further, documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act prove that the same program was carried out by other areas of the Government such as the CIA. Additionally many people who were formally employed by the government or were in some way associated with the government (i.e Col. Phillip Corsoe or Robert O. Dean or even J. Allen Hynek of Blue Book Fame) have come forward claiming that there is more to what is going on than the American public is being told. Because of these reasons and others I feel that the people of the United States must now demand that our leader come clean on this subject it for no other reason than to restore a little bit of the faith in our government that has deteriorated since the WWII.

Having said all of the above, (and It is a mouthful I know!) The truth is that I do not care if they ever come clean or not, I trust that in the long run the independent researchers will do a better job of proving the existence or nonexistence of ET UFOs than will the bureaucracy that is the US Government. Besides I don’t need the Government to tell me what or what not to think – this is still America you know?!

I invite you to keep an open mind and keep walking in this big weird world of ours!

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