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What is The Mayan Long Count Calendar all about? Part 2

Back on August 3rd we started to take a look at the Mayan and Aztec Calendar. We talked about how it is very accurate time keeper based on a measure of time call the baktun, which was a 394 year cycle. We spoke about how we see so many unusual occurrences in ancient history associated with the calendar. Today we will finish this up…

In general, baktuns 1 thru 4 follow the Mayan light and dark cycles, especially in Egypt and Sumer, By 2325 BC, the end of dark baktun 1, most major civilizations mysteriously collapsed, a large number of the major civilizations of the world collapsed, simultaneously it seems around 2300BC. The Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, the Old Kingdom in Egypt, the Early Bronze Age civilization in Israel, Anatolia and Greece, as well as the Induss Valley civilization in India, the Hilmand Civilization in Afghanistan and the Hongshan Culture in China-the first urban civilizations in the world-all fell into ruin at more or less the same time. Why is this? Benny Peiser is a British archaeologist who along with others are looking for extraterrestrial influences, like asteroids. Few scientists blame Tlaltecuhtli, the Aztec god of earth. Earthquakes and volcanoes may indeed be a contributing factor. In baktun 4, around 1500 BC, Troy and the Hittite civilization were thriving in Anatolia/Turkey with the invention of iron. The Mycenaean civilization in Greece and the New Kingdom in Egypt were growing. Both the Phoenicians and the Semites were spreading around the eastern Mediterranean and here we find the first alphabet. Starting in1140 BC, baktun 5 under the Aztec god of death was dark indeed. The major Olmec city at San Lorenzo was deserted at this time, followed by a rebirth at LaVenta. The Phoenicians and other sea people weakened many civilizations around the Mediterranean, including the formerly powerful Mycenaean and Hittite civilizations, but they were not likely to destroy civilizations. Almost all the coastal cities for miles inland were destroyed. Cities were mysteriously burned with enough heat to melt city walls. Humans cannot melt stones and brick with normal open fires? Also, precious metals were left behind, a strange behavior of looting pirates...
Around 1200 BC, many of the civilizations of the same regions (as in 2300 BC ) again collapsed at about the same time. This time, disaster overtook the Mycenaeans of Greece, the Hittites of Anatolia, The Egyptian New Kingdom, Late Bronze Age
Israel, and the Shang Dynasty of China. Ibid. Why do I think that Mayan seers knew more about the demise of civilization around 1000 BC than western historians? Unknown sea peoples from unknown places did not demolish major civilizations in bactun 5 without the help of a dark god. Bactun 6 under Cinteotl, the Aztec god of maize and sustenance started about 748 BC, the time when the Roman god Romulus founded Rome. This is the time of Hesiod, Homer and the Greek gods. It was also the age of Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, Confucius and the Hebrew prophets. God centered cultures were thriving in America, including the Chavin, Olmec, Zapotec and Mayan civilizations. Bactun 8 under Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of light, started about 41 AD. Quetzalcoatl is also known as Kukulcan or the Feathered Serpent. The most popular of all the many native American gods, he brought writing, calendars and civilization to America. Sitchin thinks he is the same god as Thoth, who brought writing and the calendar to the Egyptians. It was Thoth/Hermes who taught “as above, so below” and Quetzalcoatl who taught the Zapotecs and Maya writing and the “long count calendar”. Civilization in America was thriving, especially in Central America with the very impressive city of Teotihuacán. Roman peace endured during bactun 6, during which Greek, Roman and Egyptian wisdom thrived, especially in Alexandria. Jesus appeared as a god to Saint Paul and the Christian Church was born and the New Testament written. The Talmud and Kama-Sutra were also written during bactun 8, a bactun of sustenance. Bactun 9 from 435 to 830 AD was a dark age indeed, with prophets like Genghis Khan and Mohammed. The Roman Empire came to an end at the hands of barbarians from the north and the Muslim Empire grew at the expense of the Christian Empire. In the New World, the classic Mayan Age came to as abrupt end with the desertion of Copan and Palenque. Teotihuacán also collapsed.
Baktun 10 under the Aztec goddess of birth, Yohudlicitl, who guided the Mayans to
Chichen Itza after 830 AD. There they built the soon to become famous Kukulcan Pyramid Temple. Here at both the spring and autumn equinox, the Feathered Serpent’s shadow climbs step by step to the top of the pyramid. The Aztec and Toltec numbers grew in Mexico as the Mayans moved northward. The Khmer culture in Cambodia thrived with both Hindu and Buddhist pyramid temples. We note that the very popular Hindu god, Siva had both creative and destructive sides, and many impressive Siva statues and temples were built in Southeast Asia during baktun 10.
Bactun 11 under the Aztec god before dawn started about 1224 AD, another dark age. Here we find the Black Death in
Europe, the inquisitions, and the demise of most natives on the Pacific Islands and America. This time period is known as the Dark Ages in Europe and it was no better in Asia with debilitating floods and wars. Bactun 12 starting in1618 AD under the Aztec god Ometeotl, the dual creator god, is our own creative age. This is the age of science and technology and the age of exploration and transportation. It includes Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, automobiles, airplanes, computers and cell phones. Mayan scholar Carl Calleman sees the exponential increase in communication in our age as a positive sign. We are almost capable of reading the many signs left by the gods, even if we have trouble with their names. Remember, it was the gods who confused our languages long ago. Some like SETI look to the stars for messages from the gods. I think the gods have left many signs for us to read. The Mayan Long Count is one of those signs. Quetzalcoatl climbing the Kukulcan Pyramid is another sign. There are also many other signs, including the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and mysterious megaliths and obelisks around the world. Perhaps the window formed by the 2012 spring and fall equinoxes are a gateway to heaven.
Civilization as we know it, began in
Sumer and Egypt. Prophetically, with no historical data, the Mayans dated the start of the fifth age of man as 3114 BC! Around 3000 BC, archaeologists now date the first writing, the first numerical systems, the wheel, bronze, and the first city-states with kings and pharaohs. We have a hard time grasping these profound changes in city life, but Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Acadians etc. all said that the gods civilized man. The human race changed forever.
The Egyptian civilization based on pharaohs, hieroglyphics and the gods, lasted for 2000 years, from 3100 BC to 1100 BC! As we learn more and more of this ‘beautiful god’ oriented theocracy, it’s mysteries continue to grow and inspire. The decline of the Egyptian Empire is also a mystery. Pharaohs were not obeying the gods. Hebrews were fleeing to the promised land and their god Yahweh killed first born males and drowned Egyptian soldiers.
Unknown Sea Peoples were attacking their ships and killing many sailors. This is what history records, but by the time Alexander the Great invaded Egypt, it was not one of the world’s powers. Ancient Egypt was history.
Civilization was born around 3100 BC in the
Fertile Crescent. Wars, wheels, and bronze weapons influenced Asia Minor more than Egypt. Civilization grew east and north of Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age. Cities along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts flourished with extensive trade. Then around 1200 BC, almost all of these cities were destroyed by fires hot enough to melt stones. The Princeton historian Drews authored “The End of the Bronze Age: Changes if Warfare and the Catastrophe C.A. 1200 B.C.”. Including most of western civilization, he calls this catastrophe the worst disaster in ancient history. Intensive widespread destruction is often attributed to earthquakes and volcanoes, with little physical evidence. Most historical evidence was destroyed. Unknown Sea Peoples and Yahweh indeed! Is it not probable that the divine forces creating the Bronze Age also ended it? Historians trying to solve the mysterious collapse of ancient civilization around 1200 BC should study the Mayan Day and Night Gods. On 1140 BC the Mayan dark god of death started his 394 year rule.
I have been reading “The Rise of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes, 1976. His very studious book suggests how the ancient mind was controlled by the right hemisphere, especially before 1000 BC. He calls this the bicameral or split mind. Professor Jaynes compares this split mind to schizophrenia, with ancient prophets, kings and in fact all humans for ages hearing voices from authoritative sources usually interpreted as gods. He bases his theory on physiology, history and linguistics. Jaynes’ book is a tour de force and was widely read by intellectuals and liberals, but usually criticized by fellow physiologists. The Egyptian civilization which lasted from 3100 to 1070 BC was surely bicameral, with gods and god-kings controlling society for over five bactuns. Jaynes analyzes writings of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Minoans, Hittites and Mycenaeans to show very few signs of consciousness. For example, the laws of these ancient civilizations all sounded like “Thou shall not kill”. Up through the time of the Hebrew prophets, this command was clearly heard in their minds, with no rationalization or questioning. Between Moses and Plato, there was surely a drastic increase in the consciousness of humans and a decrease in the intensity of voices in the right hemisphere. The Bible shows more consciousness than older documents, with both David and Jesus saying “My God, MY God, why have you forsaken me?”
Leonard Shlain, a more recent scholar, wrote “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess”, 1998. Shlain documents how the alphabet and alphabetic writing caused the demise of nature oriented goddesses and the rise of the more abstract monotheistic male god. The oldest alphabet was found in the
Sinai Peninsula and dates to before the time of Moses. The Phoenicians spread the later Hebrew based Canaanite alphabet thru the Mediterranean. Schlain also stresses right versus left hemisphere proclivities. Alphabetic writing is clearly an abstract linear left brain activity, as is science. Again we find the Hebrews and the Greeks at the crossroads of western civilization. Shlain claims the Old Testament is the oldest alphabetic literature, written by followers of Moses, the inventor of radical monotheism. The Phoenician gods like Baal had female goddesses like Astarte and they tolerated other gods. The male Hebrew god Yahweh tolerated no other gods or goddesses, and ordered the killing of followers of Baal and Astarte. The time for the birth of the alphabet and monotheism is about 1200 BC. By the time of King David and the Hebrew Prophets, the Hebrews were widely literate, with extensive alphabetic writing. Homer and the Greek Poets used oral traditions, but the Greek alphabet, philosophy, mathematics and writing were to surpass the Bible as foundation stones of western civilization.. Shlain quotes many others who agree that western civilization is rooted in Hebrew religion, Greek philosophy and science, and the alphabet.
My essay on the Mayan Calendar describes bactun 5 from 1144 BC to 748 BC as a dark age under the Aztec god of death. At the start of this period the civilizations of
Egypt, Mycenaean and Anatolia were strong. By 1000 BC, almost all the cities along the Eastern Mediterranean were destroyed. More historians blame the unknown “Sea People” than Yahweh, but I disagree. The severe destruction and burning of many cities show few signs of fighting and looting. Gold and iron were left behind. Stone walls were melted! Historians are looking for signs of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even asteroids. I think the gods did it. I remember that Yahweh previously destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the evil cities on the plains near the Dead Sea.
In his book, “Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries” Robert Berringer describes many signs of divine intervention in human evolution, especially cultural evolution. The Aztec Fifth Age started on 3114 BC; the date often quoted for the start of the Bronze Age, the first
Sumerian Cities, the first Egyptian Pharaohs, and the first hieroglyphic and cuneiform writing! The earliest writings in the world clearly state that the gods gave man writing and civilization.

As crazy as it may sound to some, there are those who are highly intelligent and learned that are convinced by many signs that the gods helped civilize humans in Egypt and Sumer. The main logical alternative is that Atlanteans brought civilization to Egypt and Sumer, but where did Atlantis get civilization. The Greeks and the Romans say they got it from the gods, especially Poseidon. Also, why would human survivors fro Atlantis give different languages, scripts, and number systems to Sumer and Egypt at the same time? Genetics supports archaeological evidence than all Native Americans came from Asia. Zacharia Sitchin has learned to read the ancient languages and signs and has re-mythologized the oldest religious writings and written many books. The Sumerians believed that the high god Anu lived on the planet Nibiru which orbits the earth every 3600 years. Sitchin’s translations make more sense to me than those of most historians, especially modern Egyptologists.

All right hemisphere civilizations before Moses believed in polytheism, which is more than one god. These gods did not live on earth, so that makes them extra-terrestrial. They disappeared for long periods of time. Even Yahweh, some claim, was absent for centuries, such as between the time of Jacob and Joseph and Moses. It is not known exactly how the gods civilized man, but one good theory is that they used some form of mind control. The gods spoke thru man’s right hemisphere. Do not tell your psychiatrist that God is speaking to you, or even that you hear authoritative voices in your head, for they think it is a major sign of insanity. Sitchin says that the Ark of the Covenant contained a “dvir” or “speaker”. Yes, Sitchin can read ancient Hebrew too. The Egyptian drawings show high voltage electrical devices which were regarded as dangerous, just like the
Ark! The gods were usually pictured with helmets, horns or animal masks. Jaynes suggests that bicameral man has a lot of energy and can do the work of two or more modern men. They are obedient and obsessed, and do not waste left brain mental energy. The gods used Egyptians to build superhuman structures like the Osireon and the Great Pyramid. Then again, the gods might have used robotic machines. Speaking of pyramids, two ancient pyramids in Central America have layers of mica, an electrical insulating material and a very unlikely building material. Sitchin has determined that the mica is a clear sign of the gods. Modern technology would be hard pressed to duplicate these mica layers, large sheets from distant sources.

The extensive destruction of almost all cities near the Eastern Mediterranean and the demise of Eurasia’s four major civilizations around 1140 BC is a mystery to historians and scientists. Yet the right hemisphere Aztecs with no knowledge of these ancient civilizations, intuitively knew that this was the year that their god of death started his rule of the world, the start of the Aztec bactun The rise of consciousness in Israel and Greece is another mystery, and it occurred around 748 BC, the start off the next bactun under a more benevolent god. The famous large Aztec stone calendar describes 13 gods and 13 bactuns, starting in 3113 BC and ending in 2012. Mayan scholars like Jenkins have found signs of a divine portal to the Galactic Center, the beginning and the end of our galaxy.

Whatever the truth behind the Mayan Calendar is, whether it is fact or fantasy there is no doubt that it is popular. There are numerous books on the subject, documentaries, classes and lectures on the calendar abound. Even a Mayan Calendar Crop Circle has been produced! If you find this stuff at all interesting, the works of Jenkins, Sitchin and others can help you read the many auspicious signs that seem to be all around us. And who knows, maybe they are correct? I would suggest that if the gods speak to you, you ought to listen, unless, of course, they promise you 72 virgins after you kill yourself. The ancient heaven and earth gods never talked like that. Just another reason to keep an open mind and to keep walking in this big Weird World of ours.

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Are you out of your head? The work of Calleman has been discredited across the board, even by other "pseudo-scientists" (Jenkins, et al.).

In fact the Mayan crop circle you picture was reported by "Circle Makers" on their own website!

The news is certainly weird, but only if you look at it through clouded lenses.

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