Friday, December 16, 2005

One of our Air Crews has gone missing!

July 1924, the middle eastern desert. Hot as hell and both the temperature and the guns of war were rising. In the area then known as Mesopotamia the Arabs were fighting and the British having just finished the carnage that was WWI were trying to keep a handle on the situation and hold their empire together. On the 24th of the month Flight Lieutenant W.T. Day and Pilot Officer D. R. Stewart took off in a single engine plane for a routine four hour long patrol and recon flight over the area. The men were never seen again, let's take a closer look...

The flilght departed normally enough but when the four hours past and the flight failed to return. After several more hours had passed without a word from the air crew a search party was organized and sent out after them. Early the next day their plane was found, in perfect condition, sitting on the desert floor. The plane had not been shot down as there were no signs of that, and it was even discovered that there was still gas in the tank! In fact the search party had a Pilot Officer brought to the craft and he was able to crank it over and fly it back to the base. But where was the air crew? Where were Stewart and Day? And why did they land in an area of nothing but barren desert?
While looking for clues the investigators found only an abandoned canteen (half full of water) and they also noted that they had found boot marks in the sand, footprints showing where the two missing men had dismounted the aircraft and had begun to walk away. The footprints headed off away from both the plane and the home base for about 250 feet – then they just vanished.

Half a dozen patrols of desert tribesmen, soldiers in armored trucks, and search plans could not turn up a trace of the pilots, who seemed to have just walked off the face of the planet. In War men are lost and their ware bouts are often never known but this particular disappearance is more proof that we live in a very weird world, enjoy it!

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