Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember Pearl Harbor, a phrase that brings to mind the efforts of the greatest generation and their struggles to win through to victory in the Second World War. Let’s take a quick look at one ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’ message that is a bit unusual…

A chill wind blew out of the north on the cold December 7th morning and the townsfolk of Owensville, Indiana woke to find an annoying bit of vandalism had occurred overnight. For on the sidewalk right in front of the grade school some one had painted the phrase, ‘Remember Pearl Harbor!’
Vandalism of this sort did not happen as much back then as it does today and all of the town had soon heard about what had happened and what strange message had been painted on the side walk. Even the local newspaper carried a story about it. Know one ever learned who had painted the message or why and it was soon cleaned off and nearly forgotten about. Nearly.

Why you may ask is this so weird or unusual? Well the answer to that question is a simple one. You see, the message ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’ that was painted on the side walk in front of the Owensville, Indiana grade school that was nearly forgotten was nearly forgotten for a very good reason, it made no sense to the folks that December 7th of 1939, but just two short years later on December 7th of 1941 the Japanese attacked Peal Harbor Hawaii and suddenly the towns folk knew exactly what the cryptic message meant! The question is still asked, Who painted it? Who knew two full years ahead of time that we would be attacked at Pearl Harbor? Who?

Was it a time traveler or perhaps some on who could see into the future? If so why only leave the message painted on the sidewalk? All I know for sure is that it is yet another bit of proof that we really do live in a weird world!
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I really don't expect a reply but this true legend in "white chalk", not paint, happened 4 blocks west of this pc.

I'm not anonymous and my full name is Cody Joe White of Owensville, IN the home town of the 6th grade boy who wrote Remember Pearl Harbor on the high school/grade school's front walk the night of December 6, 1939.

It's all explained here with far fewer skeptics (1 old Swiss prude is an exception) at Mysterial.


The 6th grade boy was the late Korean War Veteran Robert W. "Bobby" "Pedro" Roll of Cincinnati, Ohio. Now you've got the facts on your Remember Pearl Harbor! addition to your nice web site.

Anonymous said...

Here's more on the subject no one locally talked about for two years. Even though REMEMBER was a word used in a vast majority of American battle cries!!


This link goes to a valid, safe web site belonging to paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren from Asheville, NC USA