Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crop Circles

Everyone has heard of crop circles but what are they? The most striking features of these depressions in the crop are the neat swirling and flattening of the crop, and the sharp cut-off point between the flattened crop and the standing crop. Not only have these events appeared in arable crops but in fields of potatoes and sugar cane, also in heather, sunflowers, rice paddies, snow, ice and sand. So it seems these weird things are here to stay! Perhaps we should take a closer look at some of the most common questions asked about these mysterious agroglyphs…

Are they a recent phenomenon?
Despite what network TV News programs report, the answer is No. There are reports going back to 800 AD and the famous woodcut depicting the `Mowing Devil` dated 1687 tells the story of a Hertfordshire farmer who had a field of oats. When they were ready to be reaped he approached a mower who clearly charged such an exorbitant price that the farmer was heard to say that he `would rather the Devil took his oats` and with that he stomped away. We are told that during the night strange sounds were heard and strange lights were seen (this is particularly relevant as it coincides with the numerous reports of `luminosities` and reports of animals being disturbed by noises on the nights formations appear), and the following morning when the farmer went into his field, he found part of the crop lying in round circles. He was very frightened and took to his heels and fled.
Clearly it was considered such a strange and unusual happening that it was recorded and that record has been passed down to us through the ages.
In more recent times I have come across numerous cases of people still living who played in crop circles as children in the 1920's and 1930's.
The circles were often looked upon with suspicion by farmers who either feared that they might not get the full price for their crop if the grain merchants heard about it or in other cases they were thought to appear only `when bad times were about`. To-day many farmers are concerned by the damage inflicted by thoughtless visitors who instead of walking down the tramlines, march straight across the field.

Could these events have been with us forever?
The simple answer seems to be yes. Our ancestors some 2/3000 years BC lived very close to nature and understood the sequential fall of the seasons and its implications. If anything strange or unusual had happened would they not also have recorded it, not only for their own survival but also for the survival of future generations? How would they have done this? They would have used whatever means or tools they had to hand such as stones or wood. Is it not possible that the complex stone structures such as Stonehenge could have been constructed as markers of commemoration?
Indeed not only are there complex stone structures all over the world, not just in Great Britain alone, nor is this phenomenon based in the British Isles alone; it is now a universal occurrence.

How widespread is this phenomenon?
It is not unusual to see these things in every corner of our wide, weird world. There are eye witness reports of crop formations from over 40 different countries including Russia, Japan, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, South Africa and Israel. It is a worldwide enigma with Britain playing the leading role.

How many have been recorded?
Since serious records began in the late 1970's, it is estimated that between 4/5000 have been noted. However many escape notice as farmers are reluctant to report them.
Over the years not only have the numbers increased but also the complexity. Scholars of the arcane liken the shapes to Celtic, astrological and astronomical symbols, whilst others see pure examples of medical, musical, engineering or biological forms. Each year has produced its own masterpieces.
There is no doubt the mathematical and geometric precision is huge and awesome. The shapes have progressed from five, six and sevenfold geometry to elevenfold in 2000 and thirteenfold in 2001; we have now moved from elementary to university standard math. Latterly the completely unambiguous "Face" and the "Arecibo message" formations at Chilbolton, Hampshire were a totally new departure, having no mathematical basis and the images depicted in standing instead of fallen crop.

How are they made?
Are they miracles or works of the Devil? Are they all man made or is there an unknown intelligence working behind the scenes? Could they be made by atmospheric conditions such as plasma vortices or could the spinning blades of hovering helicopters be held responsible? Could they be the result of whirling dervishes, rutting hedgehogs or imprints left by UFO's?
The fact that these forms simultaneously represent perfect aspects of many disciplines could lend credence to the participation of an external intelligence. Alternatively could they be manifestations of our own subconscious?

Where is research leading us?
Whereas we have no definitive answer to this enigma as yet, there is increasing scientific evidence that when the `force` hits the target there is a huge electrical discharge measuring hundreds of thousands of volts per meter lasting a nanosecond, which in the case of crops, softens the plants at the base allowing them to fall: this `force` then traveling upwards breaks down the molecular structure inside the stems. When the `force` is too great it escapes through expulsion cavities in the nodes along the stems. The effect is similar to a baked potato exploding in a microwave oven when the energy is excessive.
It has also been found repeatedly that the seeds collected from inside a formation germinate faster and need less water than those gathered from outside the formation.
From some findings to date it would appear that research should be based in the infrared, microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum and the latest results indicate that the endocrine system and the pineal gland are being affected whilst tests on brain activity have consistently shown Alpha blocking whilst inside the formations. More research is needed to evaluate the link between these subtle energies and living systems. Close to 600 personal reports have been amassed from people describing the effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter such humans, plants and animals. Furthermore, the malfunction of electrical and mechanical instruments, after visiting crop formations or being in their vicinity.

In the end the real questions is do we know anymore about these things then we did at the beginning of this posting? The answer here is up to each of you to find for yourselves. Suffice it to say that crop circles are indeed another bit of proof pointing toward ours being a weird, weird world. it is evident that there is a progression taking us into advanced areas of physics, mathematics, and medicine. These majestic shapes touch the heart as well as the mind as they lead us into new realms of mystery, along paths of fresh understanding, engrossing and delighting us.
That the crop circles have acted a catalyst in bringing together people of all disciplines, races and creeds, could be deemed testament enough of their purpose. In this alone they have brought happiness to many.
Not everything can be explained within the existing tried and tested laws and parameters of science. As Einstein so aptly puts it “There comes a time when the mind touches a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there”.

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