Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ever Seen a Ghost?

They say that seeing is believing, but when it comes to ghosts who knows. Some researchers think that the incidence of a traumatic death may help to cause a ghost. I don’t know for sure but there are tons o ghosts associated with former wars and battles…

Hiroshima, Japan - It is said that the souls of the nuclear bomb victims at the end of World War II haunt the area. Voices pleading for help, crying and screaming can be heard around during darkness. Some say that during a total eclipse ‘Old Hiroshima’ as well as all who lived there, live again albeit briefly

Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan - field hospital - The hospital is an old field hospital located on a military base by the name of Sagami Depot. There have been reports of noises and individuals walking around in the hospital. The building is seldom used but at night when security checks on it they often find a window raised or a door that had been locked previously is now unlocked. The Military police usually have a new soldier go there to conduct checks his first night on the job. Many have reported hearing some one walking around inside. The Japanese have experienced the same.

Nagasaki, Japan - Like Hiroshima, it is also said that the souls of the nuclear bomb victims from Nagasaki haunt the area. Voices pleading for help, crying and screaming can be heard around twilight. Burned ghostly figures have been reported by police. It is also said that some of those souls sometimes lurk in the shadows of the living.

Okinawa, Japan - Camp Hansen - Gate #3 – for years on some Saturday or Sunday nights a soldier dressed in WWII gear, with blood all over his fatigues and a cigarette in his hand, would appear and ask the gate guard the same question. "Gotta light?" Usually, the MP would light the cigarette for the soldier. As soon as it was lit, the GI would disappear. Latest news on this site is that this gate is closed because of this haunting; they had problems keeping an MP or Japanese Sentry at the gate!

Okinawa, Japan - Camp Hansen - Gate #3 (Across the road from) - there was a fierce Samurai battle down that road at one time centuries ago. They say that at night, you can still hear the moans from the wounded Samurai Warriors, as they lay dying on the field of honor.

Talafofo, Guam - LEO PALACE HOTEL - Two soldiers from World War II still pass by the roadside during early morning hours, usually around 12am to 4am. It is said that when you pass by, going towards the hotel you won't see anything, but if you chance a look into the review mirror you just may spot them! You may just see two soldiers still in their uniforms walking side by side. The first soldier seems normal but the other soldier has no head. He is holding his helmet in his right hand. Once spotted, if you turn to get a better look they are gone!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania USA – Although there are many ghosts that supposedly haunt the Gettysburg Battle Field I think the scariest may be that of a Union Doctor, dressed as though he is ready to operate. He is almost always seen at dusk and he is usually blood soaked and is always seen carrying a bone saw. He is reported to act as though he is looking for more patients and people often report having leg pain after they have seen him.

Here is the deal, strange mysterious things have always been seen in our world, I've never seen a ghost but I wouldn’t doubt that they do exist.
For now I have to say I don't know. But who knows what may turn up in the future to alter my opinion, that’s why I invite you to keep an open mind and keep walking in this big weird world of ours!

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