Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hi and welcome to Our Weird World,

This first posting is just a simple hello, a small beginning to what I hope will become a major work over the next few years.

So what is Our Weird World? The answer is very simple but also very complicated. The simple answer is that with this blog I will share stories and thoughts about the paranormal, the odd, the strange and bizarre as I come across them. The more complicated answer is that I have always been interested in all the above and had the idea some time ago to start a website having to do with it all but never could find the time. I had compiled many stories, interviews and such and will draw on this material as well as new items to fill this spot.

So for now I just want to invite you all to check back from time to time and take a few steps out into our weird world with me. From there we will just have to see where it takes us!

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