Thursday, July 14, 2005

UFOs - Believe it or Not?

"Do you believe in UFOs?"

The question is asked all the time even though the question is totally stupid. I mean come on! How can you not believe in UFOs? Look folks, the term ‘UFO’ simply refers to an Unidentified Flying Object, that is to say, something flying around that can not be totally identified. Therefore there is nothing to believe in, we know that there are things flying around our skies that we just can not id. So simply, UFOs exist just as airplanes and helicopters exist.

Asking if I Believe really suggests FAITH, such as that in a religion. Asking if I Believe in UFOs is no different from asking if I believe in automobiles, hay stacks or Snickers Bars – There is NOTHING to believe, they all exist! Period.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that when you ask if I believe in UFOs you are actually asking if I think that there are extraterrestrial craft flying around our skies, possibly piloted by beings form other worlds. To my mind that is a wholly different question. There are those out there that look at all the evidence and choose to believe that ET UFOs exist (for certain no doubt) – that their belief has become a religion to them seems to escape their recognition. I feel that this is not only foolish but somewhat dangerous.

It seems to me that the truth is that we have not yet gotten enough evidence together to say for sure that beings from other worlds have been visiting. To make the existence of such things into your religion thus dismissing, out of hand, any other possibilities is just plain stupid. Ignorance in the form of religious fervor is still ignorance.

It is both necessary and proper to keep an open mind, to maintain a willingness to view all the facts, to take all the fact on their own merit, and not to try to make the facts fit your already preconceived belief.

All of that having been said, I want to make it clear that I do personally think that the preponderance of the evidence points to us not being alone here on our planet, however I also think that the jury must still be out on this until we have absolute concrete proof. Should evidence come in that overwhelmingly proves that not to be the case, I am ok with that out come.

What we need is for a saucer to land on the White House lawn or for an alien to walk into the United Nations and for his planet to be given Member Nation Status. Until then keep and open mind and keep walking in his big weird world of ours!

Thank you Kevin Smith (Go to and listen to his radio show - Its great) for helping me to find a good way to express just how I've always felt about Believing in UFOS.

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