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Roswell, Hanger 18 and Sen. Barry Goldwater

What is Hanger 18, what is its connection to Roswell, where is it and what has it been used for? Well, here is my take...

It was an early summer day in July of 1947 that it really all began, the United States Army Air Force Base at Roswell New Mexico sent out an official press release stating that they had recovered, in the desert of Lincoln County New Mexico, the debris of a crashed “Flying Disc”. Scant few hours later Eighth Army HQ in Fort Worth, Texas released a so-called “corrected” press release stating that what was recovered was nothing more than a misidentified weather balloon.

Sure it was, did the Army really think that lame second press release would allow them to cover up the whole incident? Well it did, It worked for some 30 years until about 1977!

The cover story held up, with only a few rumors and tidbits of doubts filtering down to UFologists, but that was enough to get several of them interested sufficiently to begin to take a series of second looks into the incident.

Before long they discovered that even while the US Army Air Force had their scapegoats posing for photos with reporters they had begun to secretly transport the debris away from Roswell across the heartland of America to Wright Field in Dayton Ohio. (Now known as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base)

By the 1980s the most dogged investigators, such as Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, and others began to track down witnesses, and many began to relate their stories to the researchers.

Some of the witnesses said that they had seen as many as 4 small alien bodies at a second crash site some 2 miles away. Others talked about military personnel who showed up and ‘took over’ the town using heavy handed such tactics as kidnapping, and threats to ‘put a lid on the town.’ Still others reported having both seen and touched the crash debris.

A former Army Air Force pilot said he had been inside a Wright-Patterson hanger, known as Hanger number 18, in 1953 when a DC-7 arrived with a cargo of 5 large shipping boxes. This man, who requested his name not be made public, stated that he had seen some of the boxes opened. Inside the boxes he claims to have seen small bodies, dressed in tight fitting silver uniforms. He states that they had large almond shaped black eye and huge heads. The witness also states that a crew member of the DC-7 told him that the boxed stuff came from a flying saucer crash.

One of the more interesting stories concerns former republican Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who in the 1960s was a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He was at Wright-Patterson field with his friend General Curtis LeMay, Goldwater wanted to get a look at the hanger where he had long heard that UFO wreckage and ET bodies were stored. As the Senator reveled in a New Yorker profile, “General LeMay just gave me holy hell” he said further that LeMay told him, “Not only can’t you get into it but don’t you ever mention it to me again!”

This Goldwater admission agrees with a retired Army Intel office stationed at Wright-Patterson in 1966 who claims to have seen nine alien bodies in a heavily guarded location at the base. He was told the place actually had a total of 30 such alien bodies, along with wreckage of ET UFOs. This source stated that he was at the base when Goldwater showed up and General LeMay denied him access to the UFO and wreckage storage hanger. This source said, “The refusal caused quite a fiasco on the base.”

So, what do I think?

As for Hanger 18, I think the evidence points to this storage area being a real place; it is no doubt used to hold wreckage of a highly unusual sort. Are alien wreckage and bodies kept there? I just don’t know but I think it may be possible.

As for Roswell, sorry to upset some of those of you that BELIEVE , but I do not think that any alien craft crashed there in July of 1947. I just do not think the evidence is sufficient to prove the claim. I think it is far more likely that what crashed was a captured experimental, former NAZI craft that the U.S. government had secretly brought to New Mexico after World War II.

Look folks, many captured German scientists were given the choice of coming secretly to the US to work for us or going to the Nuremburg trials. These guys were secretly taken to New Mexico. Why the secret move? Because the United States did not want to let their WWII Ally, who was quickly becoming the new enemy of the west, The Soviet Union, know who they had captured. Further the U.S. Government did not want to anger the families (voters) of the thousands of fallen GIs who had fought against these same Nazis and their works. The Government feared the public outrage that would surely have arisen had the public at large known of these captured Nazis now living and working for the United States of America.

Well, that’s my thinking, but who knows what may turn up in the future to alter my opinion, that’s why I invite you to keep and open mind and keep walking in this big weird world of ours!

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