Friday, February 10, 2006

Expert Says East Texas Is Hotbed For UFO Sightings

Every so often a rash of UFO sightings springs up, Phoenix Arizona, Mexico City, Utah Desert, Gulf Breeze Florida all have experienced these rashes. It may be time to add to that list. What is this in the East Texas sky? Let’s take a closer look…

For as long as there have been cameras, folks have captured on film what they say might be from another world. Or, they say the UFOs might be a secret aircraft the government doesn't want us to know about.
Despite the true answer, the fascination with the strange objects in the sky is stronger than ever, mainly because of the internet.
B.J. Booth, who runs a great website at says it's just a great mystery, "We know there are many objects that are seen, photographed, and videotaped by reputable individuals." Booth speaks for a man in Kaufman County -- a man named Larry who doesn't want the spotlight. He just took these pictures, and he has also gotten some video of the strange craft he has spotted in the sky over his ranch.
"To be honest, I don't even know his name. Just Larry," Booth says.
Over the past few years, Booth says his video shows objects that defy explanation. Like a strange white object moving toward a low flying plane.
"He was picking up some objects in his camera that he wasn't really seeing or didn't notice when he was taking his film."
Some of the video and pictures are just of strange lights in the night sky -- moving quickly. But some of the pictures Larry has sent to Booth's website are jaw-dropping.

"We haven't been able to supply a lot of answers, and no one has because these objects have not been able to be identified," Booth says.
Take for instance a bronze colored shape. It doesn't look to be a plane. Neither does a spectacular beacon of light moving within the clouds in the daytime. "They cannot be explained by anything that we know of, or anything that's flying today in our skies," Booth proclaims.
He says he's never seen a UFO himself, but believes the photos and video from Kaufman County are authentic. “There was something up there.” He assures us, and he wants an answer from someone.
"There are so many of them that there aren't really the resources or personnel to actually go out and further investigate these things," he says.
There's no shortage of people who might say this activity is military.
Strange reddish lights in a triangular pattern might be some experimental aircraft. Some others might say they're spacecraft.
Booth says the government is mum about these pictures, that his source, Larry doesn't have a clue, and that he hopes someone has an idea.
"What is it?” Larry asks any who see the pictures and video, "What is it?”

Personally I don't have an answer for Larry. Every day studying these pictures and others from East Texas skies just deepens the mystery and proves that we inhabit a truly WEIRD WORLD!! What might be looking on us from above?

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Unknown said...

Yeah, there are defy some strange things about East Texas! I grew up here and recently moved back to the area after living in Austin for over 15 years. Things have drastically changed around East Texas as far as the energy of the people. Austin has such a good vibe because of the ley line nodal points that meet up at Enchanted Rock; Longview, Kilgore, and Tyler seem exactly the opposite which is very upsetting to say the least.